Monday, December 13, 2010

Teachers Textbooks Technology

At Monday's Board meeting we presented to the Board an update on three of the district's processes: assuring quality hiring practices, providing texts and materials, getting technology in every classroom. These three components are part of West Clermont's Strategic Plan, approved in 2010. Click here to see the PowerPoint slides that accompanied our presentation.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

How lovely are your branches!

"Necessitie, the inventour of all goodnesse."
Toxophilus, 1545

"Neccesity is the Mother of Invention."
Richard Franck, 1658

Not much time.

Not many materials.

And we're responsible for decorating a huge evergreen for the 1st Annual Union Township Civic Center's Tree Lighting! Yikes!

Actually, there's no need for alarm. With the West Clermont Art Department, these kinds of situations are everyday fare. When the clock is rapidly ticking and supplies are in short supply, our talented art teachers take the reins.

In record time, West Clermont K-12 art students created festive, colorful, large-scale weatherproof ornaments. Hundreds of kids. Hundreds of decorations. We did it up on a grand scale!

And the 1st annual tree lighting was a success. Hot chocolate, cookies and carols added to the cold, clear night. But the tree took center stage, and her branches were indeed, very lovely.