Monday, May 11, 2009

Made to Stick

I use "Made to Stick" at the beginning of my seminars. One of the 6 sticky characteristics that the Heath boys recommend is Concreteness...which of course aligns with my book.

The former president of IRA, Linda Gambrell, cited "Made to Stick" as the one book she read last year that influenced her thinking about teaching more than any other book...and it's not even a book written for teachers. I came across this book quite by accident. I was walking through a Barnes and Noble and was attracted to the faux duct tape on the front cover! The rest of the title, Why Some Ideas Die and Others Survive, also got the best of my curiousity, so I bought the book!

I use three of the Heaths' sticky qualities as a structure for my presentations: Simplicity, Unexpectedness, and Concreteness


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