Friday, July 10, 2009

Sites We Like

This summer I'm immersing myself in DIY professional development, reading and learning as much as I can about Web 2.0, social media, and other technologies for K-12 teaching and learning. I've opened a Twitter account to create my own Professional Learning Network, following teachers, admins, education experts, and writers from around the globe. Still learning. And eager to share with our westcler team.

For starters, let me introduce you to Free Tech 4 Teachers, an extraordinary site by real-life Maine social studies teacher, Richard Byrne, that chronicles all sorts of technology for you to examine, explore...and use in your classroom. What I like best (besides that it's all FREE) is that each post is short and simple and includes classroom applications and related sites. Subscribe, RSS, or bookmark Free Tech 4 Teachers.



  1. I'm pleased to see my blog on your "Site We Like" list. I enjoy your site as well - especially the collaborative approach. A great model for others to follow.

    Keep up the great work ... I'll be following you on Twitter!

  2. Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions! Will be posting specifically about Copy/Paste soon...thanks for great ed tech and ed leadership ideas.