Sunday, July 26, 2009

Try TeacherTube

Originally published in Winter 2009 as a T4 (Tanny's Tuesday Tech Tip)


2009 marks the 2-year anniversary of TeacherTube as an online community for sharing instructional videos. TeacherTube was the brainchild of Jason Smith, a veteran educator. It provides free videos & professional development with teachers teaching teachers.

With TeacherTube, you can:

  • Browse hundreds of videos uploaded by teachers around the globe.
  • Upload Support Files and attach them to your lesson plans.
  • Save your favorite videos and create playlists.

Here are links to some TeacherTube videos I’ve recently viewed:

Dr. Skateboard teaches about simple machines

50 States & Capitals Cartoon Song

Abraham Lincoln reads the Gettysburg Address

Try it out! Make TeacherTube part of your weekly planning for engaging classroom instruction!


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  1. TeacherTube is NOT filtered by our firewall. YouTube is. So if there's a video on YouTube you wish you could show, search on TeacherTube instead. Very likely, it's been uploaded there.