Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It Felt Like Learning to Me

Amelia Elementary Principal Stephanie Walker shares her blog project.

     Recently, I was working on a project and became "stuck." I was trying to create a new blog site and  couldn't seem to move forward. My work seemed only mediocre and I quickly became frustrated.

     Then a colleague shared her blog project with me. We collaborated... we talked about what was working and what was not. We problem-solved and created new ways of thinking about our projects...we shared our brains!

     Before I knew it I was ready to move forward again. I was motivated with new ideas and my frustration had disappeared!

     Collaboration is not only important for educators, but for students too. All students can benefit from collaboration with a peer on class work, assignments, etc.

    Take it from me... collaborating with a peer or colleague is not "copying" or "cheating." In fact, it felt a whole lot like learning to me!

Don't forget to share your brain...

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  1. Agreed! I go to my PLN (personal learning network) frequently with questions when I get stuck. Not only do I get answers, support, and resources, I get re-energized. Regarding collaboration, I recommend Clay Shirkey's Here Comes Everybody. And regarding motivation, Dan Pink's Drive. M.E. (@steelepierce)