Saturday, February 27, 2010

Summarizing & Note Taking II

Amelia Elementary teachers respond via wallwisher to our Summarizing & Note Taking module at Friday's professional learning day.

As promised, here are the Summarizing & Note Taking links from the Voice Thread, and more:

Copy/Paste by Peter Pappas 
Pappas on Summarizing & Note Taking
Pappas on Taxonomy of Reflection

Robert Marzano Free Resources
Robert Marzano Meta-Analysis Database

Cornell note taking template

On Doodling here on TLC: Teaching. Learning. Community.

Janet Allen's Tools for Teaching Content Literacy (flip book)

We look forward to hearing your ideas about using these strategies in your classroom.


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  1. Dear Tanny and M.E.;
    I just finished watching the inservice and wanted to tell you a method that I use in class. I have the students keep an Interactive Science Notebook - which means I give them a copy or summary of the notes from the lecture. They need to secure them to a notebook on the right side, then interact with the notes on the left. They received a list of possible interactions at the start of the semester, and these have to be in color. Sometimes we do them together, like making a time line; or I assign the interaction, like making a concept map or explaining their position on the information. They also attach labs and research in the notebook, but they only interact with the notes. The students that put the effort forward say that it helps them. Next time you visit AHS, stop by and you can see some of the students' ISNs or the one I model for them.