Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Madness: Making Mistakes

Last Friday I got to hang out with the West Clermont art, music and  tech teachers during a professional learning session. Make no mistake: they are a fun group to spend time with!

We viewed a video clip of creativity enthusiast Sir Ken Robinson. Talk about an interesting guy. He is as informative as he is entertaining. And with this quotation, he reminds us that being wrong is very...well, right!

Sir Ken says, "If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never create anything."

His speech totally made me want to dig in, mess up, and create something amazing! Next time you see me, don't hesitate to ask, "What mistakes have you made lately, Tanny?"


PS In case you're curious, Correct, Indiana is a little town situated between Madison and Versailles. Only go there if you're ready to be "in Correct".


  1. It reminded me that teaching art is the greatest job in the world! We are all born artists!

  2. I too was very inspired by Sir Ken Robinson. It saddens me that as a society, creative college students are being told that professional fields like Music Majors aren't going to make money so why would you choose that path? Why does it have to be about money? Young people should follow their passion and dreams of music or art and not be directed in other career paths just because to make the big bucks.