Friday, April 2, 2010

Adolescent Literacy: In Perspective

"One of the biggest frustrations that many teachers wrestle with in the classroom is a lack of motivation among students. As teachers, we worry about how to motivate students who appear unmotivated and apathetic. We worry because as decades of research have revealed, motivation is integrally connected to achievement," writes literacy coordinator Kevin Perks in the March/April 2010 issue of Adolescent Literacy: In Perspective from the Ohio Resource Center.

Click here for the March/April issue. Table of Contents:

Crafting Effective Choices to Motivate Students by Kevin Perks

Choice at Finland Middle School by Paul Smathers, Debbie Camp, David Hampson, Barry Alcock, Julie Ison, and Lynnette Stephens

Providing Choice—A Risk Worth Taking for Teachers and Students by Amy Bradley and Michael Alcock

When You Give Me a Choice,You Give Me a Chance by Joleata Tidwell-Howell

A LOOK AT THE OGT: Teaching to the Test and Beyond by Carol Brown Dodson

FOR YOUR BOOKSHELF: Books by Gallagher, Bigelow and Voukon, Harvey and Daniels,and Quate and McDermott by Sheila Cantlebary

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